Thursday, March 12, 2009


Did you ever do something to really embarrass your self??? Yesterday we went in Wal Mart and while Russ got stuff out of gardening I was looking around. I saw a cute little summer dress and decided to try it on. i hurried through it because I knew I'd get a call asking where I was. Sure enough he called as I was leaving the dressing room and handing in the dresses I diodn't want. I hurried over to him and he ask what I had been doing because my shirt was on backwards and the facing and tag were hanging out! Now I know why the lady at the fitting room kind of snickered when I handed her the dresses. I had on a hoodie so I just closed it and acted like everyone wears their shirts backward! LOL

It is sooo cold. It is still rainy but with temps at 40. I hate that the furnace is running at the middle of March! We have bags of fertilizer laying on the porch ready if it warms up. We seem to have more weeds than grass this year. Thye neighbors on both sides think if it is green it's grass! We are lucky if they mow let alone get rid of weeds. Their weeds all blow the seeds into our yard.

The dryer is buzzing and my living room is crying to be swept so I better get at it! You all have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Your ordeal reminds me of the day I was at the check out in Kroger and realized that my v neck shirt was on backwards...Gerry said he knew it but thought that was the way I wanted to wear it!!! LOL.!!!

12-arrows said...

oh you are just a hoot! I love your stories! I once tried on a pair of pants, and in a complete hurry to pick up my kids, threw mine back on and left. As I was sitting at dance with my daughter I realized there were on inside out! OH my gosh I feel your pain! LOL

Granola Mom said...

Never! I've never done a thing in public that was embarrassing!