Friday, May 20, 2011

Good afternoon people!!!What a beautiful day! We went to town and Russ went out to his friends bait shop for worms! From there on to Wally World, just can't stay away!!! I got some more flowers to set out and was going to buy sodas but the Pepsi guy said Krogers had them half price so off to Krogers. Using my Krogers card I saved over $10. Plus I got 28 points for gas. Have 68 now and once I get to 100 Russ can save ten cents a gallon on gas. He did that last week and saved a bundle.

After we got home we walked the boys around the park and then I planted the flowers in pots. Now Russ is off fishing down on the lake.

Tonight the beach pizza parlor is open so we will go down and eat pizza for dinner. I have been cooking a lot. Yesterday I made chicken enchiladas in my little oven out on the picnic table. It is nice not having to heat up the house.

Yesterday our Niece Suzanne gave birth to a 9 pound baby girl named Emma Renee. This is a special baby as it is her husbands first. Suzanne has 4 and think the youngest is around 10 and oldest 18. This is the ages of my brothers and sisters when I was born. I can say with experience this will be one spoilt little girl. LOL Can't wait to hold her!!!!

We have flowers bought for out at the cemeteries for Memorial Day. This is the first time we will have been here to put some out. We got silk arrangements so hope they last awhile. We will take them out this week. We bought for Russ brothers too. Plus for my brother. Had to leave them all in Cathy's garage. This place is stuffed!!!

For all you Westphal's out there how does the last Sunday in June sound for our picnic??? That way Abby and Jacky could come.

Think it is nap time. Will keep u posted.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Oh my, it is so darn hot!! I have never seen it like this in April before!! Last year I didn't run AC until mid May! This year you can't breath without it!

Had my Dr. check. I have servere bone loss in the long bones of my legs. Here again the Dr. said I do things Ass backward! My spine is normal which is usually first to go. Most don't lose in the long bone. He also said my uric acid level was normal so I don't have gout and I could stop that horrid medicine! I got all my refills on meds so just one more Dr. to see tomorrow and we are done.

Everything but the very last of clothes and laptops are in the RV. I have a few groceries to pick up yet. Also i have to fight the heards at the license place and renew the drivers license. We went the other day but there was 100 people in line!!

I went and got all my hair cut off today. It is just too hot! The boys are miserable too so they go tomorrow for a short summer cut. They will be so excited. They love their new groomer so much. They just can't wait to get in the door!

This is going to be the last post. I just can't think of much to say and we are so busy! We will see you IN and MI people soon.
What do you Westphal people think of another get together this year???

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Morning! 6 days and counting and I keep finding more things to get done!!!I guess i just need to relax and breathe!

We have fasting this AM and we will see the heart doctor Wed. Our appt id at 5:15 so we will probably get home at 9. That is the last dr. to see until Sept.

I have been taking the foot meds and can now tolerate them. My foot is much better. I hope my reports on the mammo and bone density is good today.

We need to fit hair cuts in for the 4 of us yet this week. We look like shaggy dogs. A least the boys do! LOL

Need to hit the shower. Almost time to go! Have a great day!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Morning, as you see by dates, the posting is getting fewer and farther apart. We just have such a lot to do before we leave!

I had the dreaded mammo yesterday and it was sooo much better. The new Women's Center opened at our hospital. Cloth robes with embroidery, new machine and it was so much better. After you go to get dressed and there are pretty baskets with wipes and deodorant to use. Even the tech was sweet!!!
Russ and I both got our bone density tests. That was easy too.

This AM I am cleaning the kitchen good. I just finished under the frig. How in the world does it get so dirty under there???

It seems like everything in this house is covered in pollen! All I see is dust and I clean every day. When you dust it is all green!! This is the worst I have ever seen it. We have had no rain since before Christmas. There is wild fires every where. It is April and our grass crackles when you walk on it! It is so dry and water is short so no grass watering. Guess I am saving money on the water bill!!!

I picked up a new pair of capris yesterday. I didn't even unfold them, just threw them in the cart. I got home and went to take the tags off and had to laugh!!! The size on them said 16 but they had to be a 26 or large. That will teach me to look before I buy. Now there is another trip to the store. My luck they won't have my size now!!
Well, I best get back to my cleaning. After that is laundry. Busy day!!!

11 days and counting!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where has all this wind come from?? We were just out at the RV and the wind about took the truck door off!! Sure couldn't do anything out doors there. We did get the last of the plaques and pictures up. All we need now is the final groceries and our clothes!!We leave 2 weeks from today. I sure hope Monticello warms up fast! I don't want to have to bring coats!!! Our closet space isn't very big. Russ and I have been doing lots of yard work trying to get it in shape for Mike. I filled a big trash bag this morning and still have a way to go. Tuesday Russ and I have bone density tests and I have the dreaded Mammogram. I'd rather take a beating! It is Sunday afternoon and I am going to take a nap. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A big thank you to all that sent Russ birthday wishes! They were so appreciated. He had a fun day between FB, email and texting. Trice and Anna came over tonight for cake and brought a couple great gifts. Mike had to work so he will celebrate with his Dad tomorrow. He wishes Kris was near to be with him but they had a long phone call this morning. The whole day made turning 70 not so bad!!!! Tomorrow at 4 we have an appointment with our favorite cardiogist. I bought a biook and snacks today! LOL. It is usually a 4 hour wait! We started taking clothes out to the RV. 2 weeks and 4 days until we leave! I took things like jackets and sweaters out there. Sure don't need them here. I always freeze the first few days in In. Started getting news of our 50th high school reunion. I can hardly wait to see some of these people!~!! So many were good friends. I have reconnected with one. Louise Smith Bachman. She is still the same person she was in high school. We have been friends since she moved to F'ville in grade school. We spent a lot of time at each others houses and double dated a lot when Russ and I were dating. One more pound and I have lost 20!!!! Wish it could have been more butI am still happy to go from size 20 jeans to a 16. Now when I get to a 10 I'll be half the woman I was!!! LOL Like that will happen!!! I need to get this purple polish off my toes so Night all!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is to let you know starting 1 May I will not be Blogging. Whether I will next fall is still up in the air. I figure while we are in Indiana, anyone who wants to know what we are doing can come visit!!! LOL There is always FB. We went to Georgetown yesterday to see the sleep doctor. Since we were there we stopped at the place we bought our RV. We needed to order a couple things. I did spme shopping in there store and picked up some stuff that wasn't on our list! LOL After we got home we had to take stuff out to the RV. It included Russ having to repack the hold!!!He is getting real good at putting a lot of stuff in a small place!~ He also put carpet covers on the steps. That sure makes a difference!While we (he) worked hard, I sat in the recliner and watched ANTM on Dish!!! I have the inside about finished! Just have to load clothes and a few more groceries. I still have a few things to do here at the house! I want to leave it cleaned for Mike. We are shutting off our 2 bedrooms and Russ' office so he won't even have to go in them! Lot less for him to keep up with! Tomorrow is Russ' 70th birthday!~ Where has time gone?? Seems like yesterday I met this cool guy with a DA, long sideburns wearing pegged jeans and a white T with the sleeves rolled up and a cigarette pack in the roll! LOL He was driving this cute 51 Ford and he made my heart flutter!!! Almost 53 years later he still does!!! Happy Birthday Russ!!!