Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, a little up date in my bath just may turn into more!!! We stopped at Lowe's to pick up a few things and decided to look at a hand towel rack. Well, that turned into lets tear out your cabinet top, put in a new sink and a new top. So anyone one any good at ripping out tile??? My counter is tiled. . I got a lot of paint swatches. I am thinking of a chocolate floor with a lighter brown for the cabinets. The tile are a sort of light tan with a slight peach tint. I'll paint the walls white and then go with some other colors for accent. All depends on the shower curtain I get. It felt good yesterday to take all the fish stuff out of there. I still need to take all the decals Mike put up in the tub area off. The mirror above the sink has shells on it so I'll get a new mirror-medicine chest. I found one I like and will look for some stuff to match. I still have to find a cover for my bed. I threw out my quilt and dust ruffle. Russ has one more Picture thingy to make for my room, get the cover and that is done for this year! Not much to do in the computer rooms and then..... I'll be ready for the living room!!! I want big changes in there. Russ says "you know what they say about wants". Think he means I can't do it????

It RAINED this morning!!!!!!!! For all of 15 minutes! It was pouring as we left Wal Mart. Everyone was standing out in it! It has been so long since we saw any.

WEll, I am taking today off so i am going to take a nap with Dude! I had a bad sleep night last night.
Oh, did anyone see Melissa from the Bachelor got put on Dancing with the Stars as a replacement??? And she was good! Go figure!!!

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