Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It is another fine morning! It is so fine because it is 9 am and I'm still in pj's. No garage to get to, I just can take my time to do anything! WHOO HOO!

Did I tell you my son is sometimes clever?? If you look at the picture of the work bench right above the ice chest you will see two drawers. He took them and the piece they slide into out of my old refrigerator before they hauled it off. He then mounted them on the work table and.... Russ has a place for all the clamps and bungee cords that you never know where to put! Plusa rag drawer. Clever, huh???

Mike goes to the doctor today to see if he has cysts in his knee and if he needs surgery. Everyone say a little prayer for him!

It is gloomy out today so window washing for me! Dirty windows depress me. I can't wait to wash them. Mike got us a new ladder so it will be easier for me to reach the tops now.

Russ got all the fishing poles cleaned and ready to hang last night. Bet by next week he'll be ready to go out to the dam. At least they throw them back and I don't have to clean them. If I want fish I'll order it! LOL

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Ruth said...

Well, your garage looks GREAT! Aren't you glad to be done with that?
Not much going on here, except that we are so busy at work--and I'm supposed to have all the answers about drugs! HA!!
Take care; sure hope Mike gets good news from the doctor.