Monday, March 9, 2009

Ok, does anyone else open this up and find no messages? This is getting really annoying!!!If I post there they all come back but if I just open it there is nothing. Maybe my blog person (hint Kris) can tell me what is going on.

We took both dogs to the vet today. Bo had to see the doctor and wanted to weigh Dude! Bo is getting really fat and he isn't suppose to on this food he is on. So now they will run a thyroid test on him later in the week. We weighed Dude, 6 pounds 4 ounces! Mike came and got Dude since we were having a long wait, Well, he is the only one to get pills! I told the vet Dude would hardly eat so he put him n some pills to help with that. Now we'll probably have 2 fat dogs!!!

I have about half the chaulk removed in my bath, all the things down off the walls and a little cabinet taken down. I ran out of chaulk softener so I get to quit for the day! I am still desiding what colors to paint. Any good ideas???

I have about an hour before I need to fix dinner so I am going to go read for awhile. It has been a hard day!!!


Ruth said...

I noticed that nothing shows up when I first open your blog, but if I click on the archive (just the month), it all comes back!
You are going to have to invite tha whole family to Texas when you get done redecorating--just to make it all worthwhile!!
We had heavy rain and 50+ MPH winds here over the week-end. Lots of flood watches and warnings in effect.
Lil Dude sure is cute! Hope he starts eating.
Talk to you later.

12-arrows said...

I opened it up several times today and only found a solid strip of white too. I was so disappointed. I'm with Ruthie about inviting us all out to see your New and imporved home! and hey, Ruthie, whats up with you never commenting on my blog???? Just kidding!

Granola Mom said...

I've had a couple of blogs do that lately. I'm not sure what's going on with that, but it's really annoying! I assume it's some sort of blogger glitch.