Thursday, March 5, 2009

We had a good dinner tonight! Russ cooked!!! LOL We had chicken fried steaks with mashed potatoes/white country gravy and the best green beans! We got it from Henderson's where Trice works. $3.98 a plate and the meat covered half a plate! We also got side salads. They make the best homemade ranch dressing. Ya just want to drink it!!I sure couldn't have cooked a meal for that!

I am on the way to spring cleaning!!! I did my bedroom today! I washed windows inside and out! It takes for ever since you have to take the storm windows out. I cleaned my closet! I threw a whole bag of my paint splattered clothes out. I now have no clothes!!!!! I hope it doesn't get cold again. Most of what I threw out were sweats. I have to go shopping tomorrow! I even threw out the quilt off my bed!

It was beautiful today! I was out on the ladder washing windows in shorts at 8 this morning. The grass os greening up, the weeds are spouting and the trash, errrrr neighbors next door are already piling crap back in their yard again. I will call code inforcement if I see another rat!!!!

I got a good supply of trash magazines today. The twins (black, 50ish) get all of them, Star & Etc. Soon as they read them they pass them over the fence to me! They have lived next door to us for 28 years abd this winter I saw their real hair for the first time. They either have on wigs or do rags.
Thgey never are dressed unless they are leaving home. The go out, come home and put on a robe. On laundry day the clothes line is full of wigs! All colors! It is too funny!

Russ is out putting feed out for all the critters. We spend a fortune on birds and squirrels. Just glad it comes out of his checkbook! LOl

Well, I think I am going for jammy's and a glass of wine. It is almost Idol time! This is the 3 time this week.

Oh Kris, they didn't pick Melissa for the next! It will be his # 3 choice! The scum bag!!!!

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