Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have been on a new recipe kick the last couple days! I have cpopied loads from the Pioneer Woman's new site. They are all recipes from viewers. Yesterday I made jalapeno poppets. You mix jalapenos with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and spices and put in won ton wrappers and fry them. They were great, could have used hotter peppers but it got a thumbs up. The next thing I made were squash fritters. The recipe called for yellow squash but all I had was one tiny one so I mixed it with zuchinni. They were SO good. Even good good cold! Easy too, squash, cheddar cheese, bisquick and an egg! We will definitely have them often.

Today ( if Russ goes and gets me a couple things) I am making Kris' spaghetti sauce. I hate spaghetti but Russ and Mike like it. I usually make me a stir fry I eat with the noodles

Yesterday was my sisters 83 birthday. Our niece in Indiana surprised her with flowers. My sis was so pleased! Why don't we ever think of doing that when its not a special occasion? I'd love to get flowers out of the blue! Once in a while someone will bring me flowers from Wal Mart or the grocery store and I appreciate them but it is always a thrill when the delivery guy from the florist rings the door bell! LOL

We still have had no rain. I got my water bill Friday. I about went into shock! It went up 46 dollars with all the watering we have had to do. To be able to enjoy the back yard we have to do it. That means I have less play money next month! Boo Hoo!!!

I have a couple plants that need stuck in the garden so I best getter done!!!

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Ruth said...

I'm sooo glad I sent the flowers to Aunt Jane. She was really tickled with them!
Of course we both cried a little about Mom ( I miss her so much, and sending the flowers was a close as I could come to giving them to Mom) and about Uncle Bud. I know it is so hard for Aunt Jane being so far away and not able to come here easily.
I found the relish recipe, but forgot to bring it with me. I'll grab it tomorrow and email it to you. Only cucumbers and onions ground up with sugar, vinegar and 2-3 spices.