Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where has this year gone???

I can't believe it is September! Oh course we still have hot weather so it feels like July.

Yesterday was a looong day!! We started out at the commissary! WOW! Two huge cart loads of groceries and I had really cut back!I have decided to give up things like swifter dusters, the swifter floor cloths for sweeping and etc. I bought a thing of endust and a dust mop. We shall see how that works!! After buying, carrying in and putting away $350 worth of groceries, my ankles were so swollen! I took a water pill and spent the rest of the day in the bathroom! LOL
Not quite! Did go to Wally World and get a small waffle iron. WE spend a lot on frozen breakfasts for Russ, so I decided I'll make my own!!

While I put groceries away , Russ took his computer to the hospital! Somehow he had lost the Internet connection. Crazy! He got mail but could not get on the net! We are now sharing! Bummer! LOL
I must get busy. It is a full day today!!!

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mrsb said...

I need to get hot on making some breakfast things for the freezer, now that the kids are back in school and need to eat quick!

Hope the computer is fixed quick!