Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here I am after two days of a rosy red rash and Angelina Jolie lips!!!I went to the doctor and I just had too many different contrasts pumped into my body! 3 different ones in 2 weeks. I got a big shot and other meds to help with the itch! Most all is gone today!!! My back and head still is itchy but I'll live!!!

Russ got a note today that his cousin Caroline Nairn ( she was in his school class) grandson age 18, has unoperable cancer. Please say a prayer for this family. It is bad when anyone gets the dreaded C but at 18, that is so tragic!

Well, Russ is going to go get stinky tonight!!! He has his Viet Nam vets meeting at the VFW!!! He comes home, throws his clothes in the garage and heads for the shower!!! The cigarette smoke just reeks!!! Wish they had their meetings somewhere else but most smoke and drink beer right through the meeting.
I baked a sour cream cake topped with blueberry marmalade today! It is so yummy! I love fall days where you can crank up the oven. For dinner tonight I pulled all the leftovers out of the frig! Ended up with corn on the cob, baked beans, fried potatoes and chili dogs. Somehow it all sort of went together!!! The fried potatoes was left over roasted rosemary potatoes. They were so good fried!!! Tomorrow will have to be a healthy chicken dish!!!

Really what I want tomorrow is Vietnamese fried rice, spring rolls and egg rolls from the little Vietnamese place. Maybe I can talk Russ into cooking!!!

It is almost news time and then Survivor tonight!!! Ya'll take care!!!

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