Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today we are to have 100% bad thunder storms. I am really getting sick of rain!!! We are not getting much winterized out side. I did get all the front flower beds weeded this week and Russ got the front mowed. Late yesterday we got started taking the vines off the fence. We had put them there to help hide the "junk yard" next door. It didn't work!!! Soo... we are going to build mini boxes and plant vine vegetables on the fence in the spring! We still have a long way to go to get the old vines off.

All week all we have done is run to doctors. Monday Russ had fasting. Yesterday I went to my back follow up. No disc compression! Thank you God!! It is all weakening of bones and Aurthur!!! He said I just need to watch what I do and live with it. Notice how careful I've been. Pulling vines off a fence!!! LOL Yesterday they called from Temple to tell Russ he needed to be in Temple this AM for another fasting, a CT or MRI ( can't remember which) and to see the doctor for a check from the aneurysm surgery. They sure gave him a lot of notice!!! He had already spent all say in Temple Tuesday at the VA hospital re-registering. Hope Friday is a free day!!!

Trice got up at 3:30 AM the other morning to find her roof had leaked. She found out the hard way!!! She slipper in the water and fell backwards. She sort of whip lashed her neck and is sore all over her body. Thank goodness she had 2 days off to recover some. She had to go back to work today and I know she is hurting. She is a waitress ( and is working for a woman that is out after back surgery) in the old smoking area. Not only is she carrying food but has steps to go up and down. She usually works on the main floor which is lots easier.

I have all ready put my Thanksgiving wallpaper on my computer. The Halloween has been up so long I am sick of it!!! Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays any way.

Russ has his pecans all shelled and waiting for me to bake pies!!! I hate to make pie crust. I DO NOT like getting doughy things on my hands! Bluck! Think I will make several at the same time. Maybe go ahead and make the Thanksgiving pies and freeze them. Wish I could make ahead the whole Thankgiving dinner. Mike said he would buy all the dinner if I help him cook it! I am not holding my breath!!!

Well, I need to get busy, for some reason the house work doesn't go away!!! You all have a fun Halloween!!!

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12-arrows said...

again I just love what a hard worker you are! theres just something so satisfying about working, physically working that I just love!Q So glad you are doing better! Take your son up on the T/DAY dinner! what a blessing he is to you and Uncle Russ!