Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here it is Thursday already!!! I have been busy all week house cleaning!!! I've got both baths and both bedrooms done. I had a big bag of old curtains and other junk I got rid of. It was so big I couldn't carry it out!!! Tomorrow is both computer rooms! The closet in mine is a mess! It will take half the day!!! Russ just cleaned his so that is a plus!!!

I can't believe it is tax time again!!! We still haven't gotten the retirement forms yet. I sure hope we don't owe again this year!! WE think Russ has it fixed so we won't.

It is a chilly, rainy day and now the fog is rolling in!! So glad no one has to go out in it tonight!!!It looks like rain for the rest of the week. So glad we have no freezing temps!!

Think I am ready for a bubble and a good book!! My favorite way to spend time!!! LOL

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12-arrows said...

Oh a bubble bath and a good book sound WONDERFUL, I tried to take a soaking bath the other night, but I had a cute little toddler pounding on my door saying, "mommy wet me in! I wanna get in the tub wif you!" LOL how could I say no to that? I didn't, she was happy and so was I!