Friday, March 26, 2010

Week of Cooking!

I have been on a cooking binge this week. I have a notebook of recipes I want to try and this week I have been doing just that!!! I made the most delicious Orange Chicken Wednesday, It was spicy and sweet, Russ just loved it.

Yesterday I made Arroz con leche! For us regular people, I made rice pudding!! LOL It was yummy. Then for dinner I made Baked Schnitzel and German fried potatoes. The schnitzel was very good but next time I will add garlic and a pinch more salt. We loved the flavor of the potatoes but they didn't crisp up enough for us. Of course I've never met a potato I didn't like!!! Tonight i am trying a new Chicken curry recipe! You marinate the chicken in a sort of pico before cooking it. We love chicken curry so hope this is good. This is served over rice and I am making a Spicy Asian Slaw with it. It has to be good, it has a seranno pepper in it!!!

I talked to my sister in law the other day. Between her faith and being a strong lady , she is handling my brothers death with grace. They were married 61 years. Like me, she married at 17 and went directly from Daddy to husband. To suddenly being alone must be a terrible feeling. I at least have had times in my life when Russ was gone up to 18 months. It is very hard but I know if anything happened to Russ I can do it. This is a new course for Mary but she will do just fine.

It is to be 73 today!! Hurrah! I can get more windows washed! At least i will wash the outsides too! I sat here yesterday watching my red neck neighbor wash his windows. The wife works so he does all the house work. He had a dirty, soggy little piece of paper towel and wiped around the window. Never cleaned the storm windows or outside. They have lived next door between 15-20 years and have never washed the outside of their windows. Guess that way they don't have to look at the mess in their yard! LOL

I best get busy. Have lots to do today!!!

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12-arrows said...

you need to take a picture, of course without them knowing and post it because we all WANT to see what your are seeing out your window!