Monday, April 12, 2010


Here I am again! I went to the Cardiologist last week and he is sending me to an allergist (tomorrow), That is to see if I'm allergic to ace inhibitors. Plus I had an echo Friday. Hurrah! my infraction % went up. It is now up ton 40. That is a 10 % raise since Oct. I am still below normal but getting better.

Tomorrow is Russ' birthday. It is also Bo's. Neat that he was born on Russ 'day, Since we don't know Dude's we celebrate his too. I got Russ' a pair of Sketcher Shape ups for his birthday. If anyone wants to tone legs and butt these things work. For Russ maybe too good. They seem to wear him out. He has to be careful as too much exercise is very bad for his polymyositis.

Our redneck neighbors went to a strawberry farm yesterday and picked berries. Last night the brought us a bowl full. We had them with ice cream and man were they good! They sure make those ones you buy in the store taste bad!!

The boys are at the groomers getting beautiful! Ha! Bo is getting the works and Duder is getting shaped up. It costs a fortune to get them both trimmed! Today we are just getting Dude's face and butt trimmed. Cathy does that and his bath for free! Can't beat that price!!

Tomorrow I am making Russ a homemade orange chiffon cake. He wants it to taste like the ones my Mom used to make! Lots of luck on that!!I don't think anyone can make cakes and pies like my Mom did. And her sugar cookies were out of this world! This cake takes 7 eggs. Sure hope I don't crew it up!!

Well, I best go look Like I am doing something!!!

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12-arrows said...

I've wanted a pair of those skecher shape-ups! so glad to hear that they really work. Den thinks I'm crazy but as much as I walk around the house, up and down stairs I thought they would be an extra bonus!