Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ladies with crazy hats!

I was going through pictures and found this. Now I know why women don't wear hats any more!!! This is me, Mary, Bertie and Jane. We were serving cake and punch at sister Jean's wedding. I was one month shy of being 15. A couple months down the road Bertie was showing with Cindy and I was staying at my brothers house helping with Cris Lee. While there I met the boy across the street and the rest is history!!!
I took an eye lid test Monday. It seems I have droopy eyelids!!! If I past the test the eye doctor will give me an eyelid job!!! Crazy, huh?
I also was told I need to finish with the sleep clinic. The allergy doc said that if I have sleep apnea that can be causing some of the allergy like symptoms I am having, He also said a weight gain like I have had and not being able to lose it may be from the sleep apnea. I thought that was bull and as then at the sleep center. They said yes, that is right!!! So... I go next month to be tested. It is down in Georgetown so Russ will get a motel, drop me off at 7:30 and pick me up at 7 the next morning, The room I'll be tested in is a nice bedroom with a queen size bed, big TV and private bath, No wonder it costs so much to be tested!!!
Well, I best get busy! Want to dig out this room today!!!


Anonymous said...

When we were kids, Larry used to crack up over this picture--said Aunt Mary was wearing a burnt pancake and Aunt Jane had on a lampshade!!! But they were usre in fashion then!

12-arrows said...

what a beautiful picture, very stylish! I'll be praying for you Aunt Enid as you go through these tests!!