Sunday, April 4, 2010

A nice night out

Last night we went to Russ' Special Forces Anniversary dinner. It was a nice evening even though I don't know many of them. It was at a Chinese Buffet ( China Star). The food was not the greatest I've ever eaten but the company was fun. The presidents wife is Korean. A very pretty woman who made some comment that she is forgetful. She leaned over and told me she was 75. I really dropped my jaw! She looks late 50s or early 60s. She wants us to come visit them and drink coffee and eat brownies! LOL

You know the picture below that shows all the weeds in the neighbors yard? Well yesterday he got the weed eater out and mowed them down. BUT..... He never picked up a thing. Just mowed around or over everything! What a mess!!!

Mike and Russ are waiting for their Easter breakfast so I better go. Think I can just give them a hard boiled egg?????

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12-arrows said...

I love the adventures of the people next door~ ha ha ha seriously though that would drive me NUTTY! Was Uncle Russ in special forces??? WOW I didn't know that....