Monday, July 12, 2010

Red neck neighbors!!!

Did I tell you the latest??? You know about the dogs and how mad we were. Russ told them both all about it!!! LOL Well a day before our vacation I was doing last minute gardening. A guy was driving up and down the alley. He stopped and got out of his truck. His truck said "Code Enforcement". I thought oh no. Well all he wanted was to ask about Bo. He wants a dog like him. We talked dogs, AC, and garden. Then he told me they had gotten a call about the bad shape of the alley. We talked some more and he left. Well, our neighbor Marilyn had ask Russ to send an email to City management about the alley as she parks in their back yard and trees were hanging all over. To make a story short... The redneck got a letter to have his yard and alley cleaned up in 10 days or get a fine. Well, he got a 350 dollar fine and now thinks Russ did it on purpose. We think it is sooo funny!!! At least Marilyn is happy! She can drive down the alley!!! LOL

If I can get in, I will be going back to the doctor today. My eye is still swollen to a little slit. I am hoping I get sent to the allergist so I can be tested! I'd like to know what is causing this!!!

Trice will be over this AM to tell us about her trip to her sisters. She sounds like she had a real good time! So glad she got to go!!!

It is 7:14 so I best get busy before time to call DR. Was suppose to take a glaucoma test today at the eye dr. Think that will be rescheduled!!!

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