Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It has been a while! There hasn't been a lot happening at the Allen Casa! It is just too hot! Heat index today 105 again!!!
I had a stress test yesterday. Fun as usual! The girl there did a great job of finally getting the "thing" in my hand so they could inject the glow in the dark stuff in me as needed. They then strapped me to the torture table to take pictures. Having your hands above your head is really torture for an old fart! Then I got on the treadmill! That was fun. I only had to be on for 3 minutes. My legs did great but my breathing was something else. I sounded like the "little engine", I think I can but sounded like a whale in distress! When I got off it my BP was 180 over 90. I was so dizzy and took a couple minutes for my breath to come back. After all that I was told to eat something fatty! I had packed a salami sandwich but my darling husband had brought me a hamburger!!!! After I ate I had one more go round on the rack getting more pictures. It was a long day! Had a 9:30 appt. and got home at 2.
Thursday is our 50th but we are celebrating on Friday. We are going to Georgetown and going to spend the day window shopping for an RV. There are two big sales places there. We will then go get us a nice hotel room, go out for a nice dinner and then Russ will take me to the Sleep Center so I can get WIRED!!! LOL I guess I will be getting a new machine. i go from a c-pap to a b-pap. Don't really know the difference. Anyway, Russ will get a good nights sleep in the Holiday Inn Express.
I did pickle peppers this week and make a batch of fig jam. Both are really good but not together! LOL
I best get busy. I have lots to do before my appt. today with the pacemaker doc. Today is the day he tells me when I get the battery changed!! I really, really need recharged!!! Ha. Not looking forward to this. I hate being cut on!!!
Have a great day!!!

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