Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Morning!!!

Wow! tomorrow is the first of December! Where has the year gone?

This has been a busy week! Saturday Russ worked at the Vet's Cemetery as a Cop. All the wreaths were made by volenteers then volenteers put the wreaths on those that have no family here. There were over 1000 people there. It is so wonderful that those who served are not forgotten.

Sunday we went to the commissary and I barely made it through shopping. This pneumonia is still kicking my butt!!

Yesterday russ worked at the trailer most of the day and today will probably be more of the same. He has pictures hung, things put away and such. Thursay we get our Direct TV hook up and then Have to get it ready for a move to the RV place here in town to get a thing on the hitch. It will make the ride smoother so I don't get broken dishes> Fingers crossed!!!

I got the tree up yesterday. I went with the white tree and red bulbs. I then put marshmallow Santas, candy canes, red and white mints and this other candy wrapped in red all over it. Sure is pretty and everyone can snack off it! LOL

I have to go toy shopping. We have two parties next week we have to take toys for tots. Plus one has a gift game that has a $20 tag on the gift. Last time I played it, it was 5 bucks!! Times has changed!!! Also have to take a casserole! At least the other party is at a restaurant!

I need to get busy while I still have steam. My guys are good at most things around the house but neither one sees dust!!! Stay warm!!!


12-arrows said...

praying for you that you get well quickly! don't ya just love all the festivities this time of year? I can't WAIT until next summer for you and Uncle Russ to come! Love you!

Anonymous said...

The cemetery picture is very moving; good for Russ for helping make it possible!
I sure hope you aren't doing too much until you have the pneumonia beat!! Take it easy when you can.
Had a good T'giving at Larry's. Terry's youngest sister was there, too. Her husband left a couple of weeks ago to work in Afghanistan for a year; he has previously worked in Iraq. Cindy's mom-in-law lives in Valpo, so she spent time with her, as well.
I haven't bought a single Christmas present, tree isn't up, wreath isn't on the door. Guess if I'm going to decorate, it will be this week-end. Love it when it's done, but have to rearrange the whole living room to have a place for the tree!!
Take care of yourself!!!Love, Ruth