Sunday, November 14, 2010


Have Shopped so much that I can hardly walk!!!We have everything now for the 5th wheel but pillows!! What fun!!! We went to a furniture store yesterday going out of business and got Russ a recliner and ended up with a nice table too for the dining room. I like 75% off!!!! (on both)

WE had to go to pet's smart today and get a sweater for Dude. I always said that was stupid but the little Devil was shaking so hard this am . We just got his hair cut and it turned cold!!

The church across the street gave us permission to park there 2 days so Russ can practice backing up and I can load up the trailer. We have everything to set up so all we have to carry back and forth is groceries and clothes. Even have dog bowls for both. Lol

Mike bought a turkey and I am suppose to make a list for the rest. He took the day before off so he could prep cook and bake pies. Hope he enjoys it!!! Ha Ha We were going to go out!!!

I hate having leftovers for a week!!!

Oh! Christmas shopping is done except for Anthony and Anna.
They may get coal if they don't hurry up.
I do have the snowmen up and am ready for after Thanksgiving.
Think I will put up the white tree and trim with red this year!
I really want to do purple as I have bulbs I never used. I did see lime green at the store that was mighty pretty! Who knows what I will do!!!
Everyone is hungry so I better go heat up something!!! See ya later.

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12-arrows said...

totally awesome! I can't wait to see you and your new rig! you go girl with your Christmas all done! great feeling, huh?