Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a day!!!!

What A day we had yesterday!!We arrive at the RV sales at 11. We had to sign papers that took an hour!!! While we were esigning and such, they came and got Russ keys at 11:30 to put the hitch on for 5th wheels. After signing papers we had an hour walk through learning how to hook up and run things. Then we sat and sat and sat some more. At 2 our salesman came and got us and took us up to the VIP lounge. He had went and got us KFC. Bless his heart. We ate and waited, and waited. Finally at 6 pm it was done. Then they had to show Russ how to hitch it again, blah, blah. We got home at 8 last night and got it parked at the church. Russ put the stabilizers down and left it hooked to the truck!! He grab a pillow and blanket and his Glock and slept in it last night. It got cold and he about froze!!!

Right now they are on the way with it to Ft Hood to park it. We are going to live in it 2 weeks to get a feel of it. We still have to load it and buy groceries.

We have to put some more stuff on the truck before we do any long hauls. I don't know what! I do know I need extra steps and hand rails for me. Plus a stool to reach in the cabinets. Silly short legs!!! Well I better go get the laundry done before everyone comes back!!!

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12-arrows said...

cannot wait, and I'm saying this very emphatically. . . .cannot wait until next summer to see you both!