Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Morning people!!! Today I am starting a new project! Wish me luck!!! Awhile back we bought a new table. I had grown to hate the round table. Love the new one but it doesn't go with the old buffet AT ALL! Today I am taking the top off that I kept dishes in and always had smudged glass on the doors! Off comes the old fashion hinges and pulls, the curvy board at the bottom and we are going to paint the sucker and turn it into a small sideboard. My dining room is tiny tiny so it just fits. Sure hope it works! I have the top unloaded except for the teapots on top. I now have to redo all the kitchen cupboards to fit in the dishes. I always seem to make my self work! LOL

Russ was at the store the other day and they had butterball turkeys for 37 cents a pound. He brought home 4. Today he is taking one out to Maurice's Barbecue to have them smoke it. It is just too damp for him to do it here.We will sure enjoy it.

Russ got me a small oven for the camper the other day. Everyone we talk to says the ovens in campers are very hard to light and even harder to clean. Most people we talk to have never used theirs, they use a counter top one. Guess baking a 9x13 cake or cupcakes is out! Lol. At least if I want to make a roast or such in the summer time I can take the oven outside!!! We also got the small picnic table I ordered. It is so cute and in a carrying case so it fits nice in the hold!! Now if May would get here!!!
I best get busy or we will have no where to eat as I have the table piled full. I'll let you know if it works!!!


12-arrows said...

you are such a clever one! I can't wait for May either. . . .

12-arrows said...

oh post pics too!! before and after!