Monday, January 10, 2011

I had a 4;15 appointment with the cardiologist today. At one I ran me a lavender bubble bath, took a coke and a book with me and got settled in. The phone ran, " you come at 2;15. " I was so dissapointed! I went and got a thumbs up! Still no heart meds!!!

Early this am , Mike removed my toilet and replaced it with a high rise!! It is so nice and uses 1/4 the water. We have a new John for Russ in the garage for switching Wed. It is so nice to have a personal handy man!LOL

It is so cold here!!! In the teens!! We are not equipped for this!! We freeze!! I am about ready for hot chocolate and pj's. Thjen I will be ready for the Bachelor tonight!

Russ went on post this morning and got the signed letter he needed to take to the court house. We now are for sure not having to pay property taxes!! Gotta love Texas!!! no State tax and now no property! All we have is sales tax on everything but food.

My printer bit the dust so Russ gave me the wireless one he'd bought for the trailer. I sure like it and we can still use it for the trailer. I sort of miss the old one though, I'd had it for years!!!

I need to get a birthday card. My littlest grandson will be 14 the 19th. It just doesn't seem possible. He was such a grandma's boy when he was a baby. Now--- Please don't touch me! LOL

Well, I best go, forgot to tell my son thanks! He had pizza waiting for us when we got home from the doctor. Even my favorite kind!!! Everyone needs a Mike!!!


12-arrows said...

You are so blessed!

Ruth said...

That so great that Mike is there to help you guys out--I imagine there are some perks for him, too!!
Glad to hear about your heart check-up; I see my cardiologist on the 20th and I know he'll want totalk about ablation. Read way too much about it on the Internet-sounds gruesome!!!
I wondered if you were getting the weather they kept repoting on the Weather Channel. We are under a lake effeect snow warning--could be up to a foot a snow here-boo-hoo!!!
Take care