Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Morning!! We made it home yesterday afternoon. It was quite a trip and we really enjoyed it. We took tons of pictures on the way and tons more site seeing at Don and Marilyn's. They took us to see London Bridge which was great. The next day we drove down old Rte. 66. Oh my gosh!!! No guard rails, straight down, I had my eyes closed most of the time!!! We were parked right next to Don's house and had a full hook up. It is the way to visit people!!!Your own place so every one can have private time!! There place was all fenced in so the boys got to run loose! They had a blast but Dude is one dirty dog!! From there we went to my sister Jane's. It was so good to see her. She gets around real good for someone 85. She climbed in Russ' big truck and came to visit at our trailer. Jane sent tons of stuff home with us. I got some beautiful jewelry some my cousin Penny had made. We brought home my Mom's old treadle sewing machine in a cabinet, a trunk full of family pictures and other things she sent. Just like Christmas!!! Now I have a ton of sand and gravel to clean out of the trailer! Plus redoing everything. We found the kitchen set up is pretty good but other things need work. We need to manage the storage better. Glad we found out before Indiana. We have the trailer set up for the month of April at west Ft. Hood and then it will be on the way to Indiana!!! Can't wait!!!

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Ruth said...

So glad you're home and that you had such a good time!! I'm happy to hear that Aunt Jane is doing as well as she is.
Mother was always reorganizing in whatever trailer/RV they had at the time. Any time you get something new, you have to rearrange!!
Hope you are recovering from your fall!
Love you guys!