Wednesday, March 30, 2011

People are so dumb!!!! Someone stole Russ' bank number!! I check the bank every day so I caught it. He went to the bank right away and canceled his card. They bought 300 dollars of stuff from Barnes and Nobles. Then this AM they had tried it again on Of course it didn't work. Now the bank will investigate it all and we don't lose money!!!What a mess!! I got half the trailer cleaned and oranized yesterday. The bedroom and bath are all done. Even shampooed carpet. Today is the living room and kitchen. I did clean the frig and pantry yesterday so I am a little ahead! Need some prayers for Russ' little brother. He is having health problems and can no longer work. I really love this guy. He was 4 years old when Russ and I started dating. He was the cutest little boy ever, and really stole my heart. He has had a tough life, one son got hit by a truck at the bus stop and died and he lost a baby girl to SIDS. We came home to cold weathyer. It is in the 60's and I am freezing! Tomorrow is to be 87 so that is more like it!!! I best get off my bum and get busy!!!

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