Friday, March 11, 2011

Well, we are still at home. With all the bending and straining Russ' tailbone started giving him fits again. We are trying for Monday!!!We have the trailer all set up and loaded so he just has to rest now. I will be helping on the trip so I will do the crawling under the trailer to put down the blocks. All he will have to do is push buttons. I even pretty well know how to do the sewer hose. Yuck! That calls for rubber gloves!!! LOL

I am sitting here still in PJs. All my jeans are packed or in the laundry. Hate to put on good slacks to clean house!

Prayers go out to all the people that the earth quake got to. Hawaii got the waves already and in a couple hours WA and CA are to get them. Seems weird when the quake was in Japan.

I best get off here. I need to make some calls and then go out to the trailer. I'll keep you posted.

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Ruth said...

I think it's smart to get rested and feeling really well before taking off on your trip--it will be so much better if no one is in pain!!