Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Morning, as you see by dates, the posting is getting fewer and farther apart. We just have such a lot to do before we leave!

I had the dreaded mammo yesterday and it was sooo much better. The new Women's Center opened at our hospital. Cloth robes with embroidery, new machine and it was so much better. After you go to get dressed and there are pretty baskets with wipes and deodorant to use. Even the tech was sweet!!!
Russ and I both got our bone density tests. That was easy too.

This AM I am cleaning the kitchen good. I just finished under the frig. How in the world does it get so dirty under there???

It seems like everything in this house is covered in pollen! All I see is dust and I clean every day. When you dust it is all green!! This is the worst I have ever seen it. We have had no rain since before Christmas. There is wild fires every where. It is April and our grass crackles when you walk on it! It is so dry and water is short so no grass watering. Guess I am saving money on the water bill!!!

I picked up a new pair of capris yesterday. I didn't even unfold them, just threw them in the cart. I got home and went to take the tags off and had to laugh!!! The size on them said 16 but they had to be a 26 or large. That will teach me to look before I buy. Now there is another trip to the store. My luck they won't have my size now!!
Well, I best get back to my cleaning. After that is laundry. Busy day!!!

11 days and counting!!!!

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