Monday, September 29, 2008

What a morning already!

The morning started with me being woke up with my husband saying "get up, Bo cannot wait any longer! I jumped out of bed, grabbed a robe and ran for the kitchen to grab "the container" Hubby put the leash on Bo and out the back door. I was running around the back yard like a mad woman to keep up and finally!!! I got to catch his pee in a bowl!!! I put it in a container and hubby was off to the Vets. He just returned and said the PH was still , after weeks, too low. Now we make an appointment to a specialist about 50 miles away. All I wanted was a lap dog but I really got a cash hog! LOL


12-arrows said...

I can see you running wildly after your dog trying to get a "catch". How hilarious! and by the way, welcome to the world of blogging! I am so glad you are here! What a great way to staty "in-touch" with family. We are thrilled our #1 arrow arrived safely home! What a great family they make and what a beautiful homecoming it was via pictures!

mrsb said...

Yippee! Bout time you figured this thing out, lol!