Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'll never eat brown gravy again!

Starting yesterday Bo had a real bad looking left eye. All watery and goopy. We decided we;'d have it checked after Russ got home from the doctor. Well, he got homeand had to take a potty break before we left. Bo followed him to sit out side the bathroom door. All of a sudden he started down the hall fast. As he hit the living room Mike yelled what is the smell? I looked out of the computer room and it looked like someone had thrown a pot of brown gravy all down the hall! YUCK!!!! Thank God for hardwood floors instead of carpet. And thank God for sons who are will to clean up messes for their gagging mothers!!! After putting an old sheet on Bo's seat in the van we were off to the vet. He ended up with 2 medicines for the runs and 2 for his eye. Think my Vet is getting rich just from Bo!

I found a great blog for me. If I knew how to do it, I 'd put a link! LOL She is using her crockpot every day this year. I have found some great sounding recipes on there. I have a list for when I ggo shopping. Cindy I think I got it off your list of friends 2nd cup of coffee blog. It is so neat.

Mike has been busy painting skulls. He has some good ones. I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow. He did one for me with a hummingbird. He sure didn't get his talent from his mother. Think he got it from his Uncle Don.

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