Monday, October 27, 2008

I got tagged by Aelwyn ( Aelwyn introduce your self, don't think I know you). I need to post six random things about my self. Since everyone I know has been tagged I will not pass this on, I will list mine!

1. I have a hot temper, but get over it easy.
2. I love potatoes! nuff said!!!!
3. I (we) used to square dance 3 nights a week and even held Tx. state offices.
4. After been a red head for many years, I have let my hair go natural, a salt and pepper.
5. I cry easy. Watching Extreme Home makeover Floods me!
6. I also gag easy. I could never clean up after my kids if they were sick! That was Dad's job!!!!!

Wow! That is hard to do.
I am so proud of me!! I drank 2 bottles of water this AM and went in to the doctors and gave up the blood this morning in one stick! Even out of the top of my hand! Of course my hand is all black and blue now!

Did anyone watch the Iron Chef Halloween show on Food Network? I watched it last night! You talk about gagging! They cooked with stomachs, livers, hearts, beaks, and duck testicles among other things!!! And dumby me sat there and watched the whole program!

Oh, it was a thumbs up on the chicken last night. It is something I will be making again!

Russ bought me a new crock pot yesterday. It id programable and shuts down to warm when the time is up! Just what I need, no more forgetting to shut it off when the food is done! Thought It would be great for Thanksgiving.


mrsb said...

I need one of those crock pots!

Aelwyn said...

Hi Texas Grandma! :) I guess I lurk your blog, LOL! :)

I am 28, a Hedgewitch, Makeup Artistry student, camera whore, cat lover, and Hellenic Hard Polytheist.

If you click on my name, you'll find lots of blogs of mine. ;) I have far too many interests.

12-arrows said...

love your random facts about you! Unfortunately i am a hot head too! ARG.. lol