Monday, October 6, 2008


We just got back from our trip to Austin!! OH MY! We went a way we THOUGHT we knew! WEll, it had all changed in the last year and a half! We were so lost! WE stopped for directions twice and that confued us more! All at once Russ looked over to his left and there was the street we needed! We ended up being just on time!
The specialist who saw Bo was so nice. She said he needs surgery to remove all the stones from his bladder. It would cost $1300 dollars there so she said to have it done here and it'll be around $400. He will be on a special diet the rest of his life. We are to start giving him peas with his food and for snacks he's to get cauliflower or unsalted popcorn! Sounds good to me. LOL . She also said Bo was too fat! His vet says he's just right! Think I'll listen to Dr. Murry.

Oh, Cindy, I mostly read cheap Harequin Romances! I am like you, I tune out everything when I read. I can't go to sleep at night without reading for awhile.
I have been going through my second childhood with books. I've been reading all my books from my youth. I have the complete Trixie Beldon set. ( I just replaced the 4 my granddaughter "lost". ) I have a lot of The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew nd the whole set of Anne of Green Gables (my favorite!). Plus others. I have a daughter (named Kris!) who is trying to talk me out of some of them! It may be awhile before I let them go. They bring back good memories.

It is 3:40 and we have had nothing to eat since 6 am. I think I am going to run to Henderson's and pick up some chicken fried steak dinners. YUMMY!!!


mrsb said...

I am so jealous of your chicken fried steak!

12-arrows said...

I loved the Bobsey Twins as a kid and now my daughter is wanting Nacy Drew. She loves mysteries!