Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a beautiful day! I think fall is finally on the way. This is the first day we've had where we can open windows and doors and turn the AC off! My electric bill will love it!!!

I've spent the last few days trying new recipes. The other day (5AM) I made Migas for the guys before they went fishing, the next day I baked a Yogurt & Marmalaide cake, yummy, not to sweet. Yesterday was a black bean chowder. Russ and Mike said it was....ok, so I called my daughter to come and get the rest! Maybe they appreciated it. Then, for lunch today I made Ruebens. Think maybe dinner tonight will be take out! I am cooked out.

Today will be slow the rest of the day. This AM I got my hair cut, went to Wal Mart and to HEB. I got a box of books in the mail so Think I am headed to the deck with a cold coke and a good book.

You all have a fun week end


12-arrows said...

Oooh! sounds like fun, nice fall day, reading and a coke! my kind of afternoon! What kinds of books do you read? My mom and I pass back and forth lots of books. I LOVE to ready, don't have much time these days with school, but hopefully on my break at Christmas I can get in a good book or two. Problem is with reading, once I start I just can't put the thing down and I tune out everything around me. Seriously, the house could probably burn and I wouldn't even notice it! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and your meals sound delicious! I can almost smell them over here!

mrsb said...

Finally got to open my windows today. Supposed to have a frost over night. Hopefully it won't be bad enough to kill what's left of my garden. Haven't got the carrots up yet, though I may scream if I see another tomato for a while,lol!