Saturday, October 11, 2008


Saw this AM that gas was down to $2.84!!!! Never thought I'd get excited over that!! Can you believe when we dated it was .27 a gallon??? Sure shows my age!

We just got back from the vets. Bo, had a place on his stitches that didn't look good, plus he is not eating. He needs protein to heal so, I have a chicken breast simmering now to help him get his feeding back on. He did eat yogurt when we got home. The vet said to give him yogurt to soothe his bladder.
He has to pee every hour. He kept Russ up all night taking him out. At 4 this morning Russ decided just to sleep in the recliner. Bo could not jump up so Russ got up and lifted Bo on to the foot part. Before Russ could get back in it, Bo go curled up in the pillows and went to sleep! Sure he was dreaming about how he fooled Russ. When Russ was telling me this morning he said It reminded him of how our youngest grandson used to fool me the same way!

I have my front porch decorated for Halloween and I bought a pumpkin to try making my own pulp for pumplin pies and bread. I have never tried it before but The Pioneer Woman made it look easy! We shall see. I have been really into using new recipes lately. I am so tired of cooking the same old things! Some of the new ones have been really good and there have been a couple that went in the trash and we've gotten takeout!!! Don't know if it was me or the recipe! Maybe both!!!

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12-arrows said...

I love trying new receipes but my family doesn't!!! Oh well, we stick to the same old same old! YUCK! Glad to hear Bo is doing better, and what a little tricker too!