Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am sitting here eating my breakfast. It is stir fry from last night! I know not a good breakfast but I like real food in the morning.

Bo is doing great! He is back to wanting to chase birds and play soccer. The stitches come out Friday so Sat. he gets a bath. He is sure stinky.

My pumpkin turned out great. I have 9 cups of puree in the freezer and I am getting another pumpkin. I want enough for Thanksgiving pies, pumpkin bread for Christmas and I found a great looking recipe for cup cakes in a Womans Day. If the pies don't turn out using the fresh pumpkin I can always blame Mike. He makes all the pies.

Russ went to the doctor yesterday and was told he was sick! LOL He had blood tests and X-rays. The doctor thinks it is all caused from the Prednisone. He has been on it since Sept. of '04. It does strange things to your body. The down side is he needs it to be able to keep walking. It is a damned if you do and a damned if you don't situation!

The laundry is calling my name! I started mine this AM and then Mike walked in with a basket full! He'll get payed back! I am buying paint today so he can paint the shed! Expensive laundry, Huh?


mrsb said...

Did you use the Pioneer Woman's pumpkin recipe?

You should do my pumpkin bread, it's really, really good.

TexasGrandma said...

Yes, I did. It worked real well. I had puymplin all over me before it was done! Your Dad says I am a slob!!! I can't cook without wearing it. Do I have your recipe????

12-arrows said...

Yum those receipes sound great. I have never used real pumpkin before so let me know how it turns out. Glad Bo is doing better and I hear you about the EXTRA laundry! LOL