Friday, November 7, 2008

Another 12 Arrow

I was reading on my neices post 12 Arrows and it stuck me I knew a family from years ago who could have been 12 Arrows. When I met this family 2 of their arrows had passed, one at birth and one to an accident. At this time they had 2 married and only 8 at home. They lived in a SMALL house. It was built as a home for when the teens and preteens left home. It had a small galley kichen, a dining area just big enough for the huge table, a small living room, 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. There were 5 boys in on bedroom, ages 17 ,16,13, 9 and 7. The next bedroom was for the girls, 15 and12. They shared with the baby, a 4 year old boy. That is 10 people and 1 bath!!!I learned real fast you had to be sneaky to get a turn! The kitchen had no dish washer and no AC in the house. I always got the job of washing dishes when I was there. Lots and lots of dishes. There were usually about 15 at a meal!
I met this family when I stayed at my brother's to help with my nephew Cris, my sis in law was expecting her second baby. One day this girl came stomping across the street and said to me " My brother won't take me swimming unless you go too. Well, are you going to do it?" I kinda squeeked ok. When I walked out to the car there was this 6 foot, slender guy standing there. He wore a white T-shirt ( yes, the sleeve was rolled up on a pack of cigarettes), pegged levis and engineer boots. His hair was combed in a DA and I thought WOW! 50 years later I still think WOW when I see him!

This whole family is great! I am proud to call everyone of them my brothers and sisters.

I spent lots of time in the Allen house from the time I met them at 15 until I married into them at 17. It was a fun place to be. The dad called POP was great guy who loved to make me blush and always made me feel special. The Mom was a short slightly chubby lady who always seemed to be cooking and doing laundry! Man, could she cook! I'd give a lot to have some of her homemade beef and noodles.

When I was 19 Russ joined the army and we just got to be with this family on short visits. I missed them all alot! While we were living the army life, they all grew up! They all have kids and grandkids now. A couple of them even have a few greats!

The folks are gone now, Pop in 1964 while we were in Germany. Mom in 2004. Last year this month, we lost that fiery teen that stomped across the street. She was something else. She was sick for several years with lung cancer and when we would call her and ask how are you doing. her answer was always I'm fine, doing ok. She was always ready to have fun and was always one of my favorite people. Mom, Pop and Sis we love and miss you.


Journey Ministry said...

What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing and I love hearing about how couples meet, fall in love! AWEsome! Thanks, too for your precious words. Life is tough right now, I would love to share more, but am not able too because of blog stalkers. If I get a chance I will email. Love you!!!! your 12-arrows neice!!!

Journey Ministry said...

sorry I accidently posted under Den's blog. OOPS!