Monday, November 10, 2008

My grandaughters

Let me tell you about my granddaughters! I am so proud. First there is the 21 year old, she is amost 6 foot and a real beauty. She was born in Italy, lived in England, then Japan and went to boarding school in London when her Dad was stationed in Spain. ( He's in the AF) After she graduated she came to Texas to live. She is in collage at Sam Houston U. She is studying to be a gym teacher or now she is interested on working on a sports team. She was here yesterday for a quick visit and told us she has all A's but one and that is a B! Way to go!!!! Her Dad pays her tuition, books and for a dorm that is across campus. She works to make up the difference to pay for a better dorm. She works all summer and saves every penny so she has what she needs for school, plus she has a part time job during school. We are really proud of her!

Our other granddaughter just had her 10th birthday. She lives in NJ and we just get to see her once or twice a year! She is another beauty and I bet another 6 footer. Her mother said she is 5 foot one ( I'm 5 foot 2) She wears a 7 1/2 shoe ( Me an 8) . By next summer she will be bigger than me .

This child is in the excel classes at school and does so good. She is any teachers dream, such a good student. We are equally proud of her.

It is always great to know your children are raising such good kids!

Stay tuned for another time and I'll talk about the 3 grandsons!!!!!


mrsb said...

Wait til you see the pictures of her in all her new stuff, lol!

12-arrows said...

post some pictures proud gramma will you?? I love to hear about your family and put the connections together!