Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh My!!!!

I found the lint trap on my dryer vent damp the other day. Mike cleaned out the dryer and it dried out only to get damp again. It puzzled us until yesterday Russ found mold around the light in his bath. This morning Mike looked in the crawl space under the house. Every beam and piece of wood under the house is wet! First Russ called the insurance copany then the plumber! The plumber came ( This heavy set guy that could hardly fit under the house!) He discovered a hot water pipe is leaking bad! He could not get to it ( He didn't fit) so him and a skinny guy will come in the morning. Right now we have a fan stuck down there to help with the drying out. The bad thing is the crawl place is in MY bedroom. It is already stinky and has dirt on the floor. I hate to think about tomorrow! The good thing is Russ is going to Jack in the Box for hamburgers! The hot water is turned off so I can't do dishes! ( cold showers tonight!!!). I called Trice and told her I was using her Christmas present money to help pay the plumber tomorrow! Kris got lucky, I've already ordered hers! If this bill is too big that may be the end of my shopping! Retirement is for the birds!

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mrsb said...

Dang, feel free to cancel it and pay your bill! Can't be living in a moldy house. Ewwww. Not to mention the cold shower thing.