Sunday, November 16, 2008

Had the Plumber here!

Well, the plumber came and found a leak coming out of the hot water heater. The underneath of the house is drying out. BUT!!!! He found a bad leak under the toilet in the hall bath! He could not fix it because the floor is rotten, so bad he could see tiles from underneath! The whole bathroom floor will have to be replaced . Soo I have no toilet in my bathroom! The insurance guy comes tomorrow! Hope insurance will pay for the bathroom! To top off all this after the plumber left I found out we have no pressure now in the kitchen! Hot or cold takes forever to fill the sink. I don't know if the plumber did something under the house to cause it or if my house is falling apart! It sees like every year at the holidays we have a major break down here.

I have to go this week and get a turkey! Russ is going to smoke it. I have a brisket and a big pork roast in the freezer so he will smoke those too. We will eat off all of it Thanksgiving day and then stock the freezer with left overs. Christmas will be easy. Trice ordered a ham, and we will make a couple salads and have sandwich stuff out. Everyone can eat when the get hungry. This sure takes pressure off Mom!

Have to go correct Bo and Mike! It sounds like they are killing each other! Play time at our house gets very loud! LOL


mrsb said...

We never have leftovers for Thanksgiving.


12-arrows said...

Oh my goodness, how awful but thankful too that you found this before the black mold succombed the whole house!