Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bo's Christmas Present!

WE got Bo a little brother for Christmas. We went to the pound and Russ found a little 6 pound Shih tzu. He is the homeliest little critter! He was one big dust mop when we got him, covered in burrs, poop and I don't know what! We went right to the groomers and got him shaved and bathed. Today we went to the Vets and he got a clean bill of health except for being under weight. He has a good appetite so will gain fast. We can't decide on a name for him! Russ has started calling him Killer, he isn't the least afraid of Bo and fights right back with him. Anthony wanted to call him Zoo. That way I could call Shih Zoo! Funny!

The house work is done, the presents wrapped and all I have to do tomorrow is put out snacks and make a cake! I am still waiting for my peanut butter fudge! Anna just can't get it together! Think I'll probably have to make my own!

They posted backwards! the last is the first! Isn't he a ugly little thing???

Well here are some before and after pictures of the pooch!

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12-arrows said...

oh too cute! Aunt Enid! thank you so much for the precious gift of pictures you sent me via CD. Oh my goodness what a treasure. I have downloaded them all to my computer too!

I am so blessed to have you in my life. Merry Christmas.