Monday, December 22, 2008

4 days 'til Christmas????!!!!!!

Four days until Christmas and I'm still crawling around on the floor painting! We got up early yesterday and went looking for a sink vanity Russ liked! WEll after all that shopping, he decided on the one him and Mike bought the night before. Mike came over to install it and found we needed all new pipes under the sink. It just keeps on!! He got those replaced and the cabinet in. I started the primer to cover all the red we'd tried. I thought before I was done I would need a crane to get back up! This ole broad's hip's were hurting so bad! So what did I do? Went right back at it this AM. I have the first coat painted. Will soon do the second and then poly. At that point the gift card goes on his bathroom door!

Russ wants to go to the pound this afternoon. He really wants a buddy for Bo! I can just see two dogs in my bed! Bo decided last night to sleep with me. He gets right in the small of your back. I woke up at 2 with about 5 inches of bed! I have a queen but you'd never know it! Tonight he goes back with Russ.
Mike got a nice present this AM. The doctor said his kidney tests are now all normal and his diabetes is doing so good it is almost like he doesn't have it. She said he could cheat for Christmas day!

It is time to go fight the bathroom floor. Hope your day is going great and all is well.

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mrsb said...

Tell Mike not to cheat too much! Don't want to blow it all on one day. Good about the kidney, though. It would be more convenient if he could need a new one during summer vacation. ;o)