Monday, December 15, 2008

Can I borrow some longjohns?????

It is sooooooo cold here! The high today was 32!! Yesterday it was almost 80! I worn shorts!!!! I had windows open!!! They are saying it may rain tonight and get icy! I want to move south!!!!

Everything is done! The mess is cleaned up! The Christmas shopping is done (except Russ'). What, oh what am I going to do now????? I'm thinking painting my bathroom and the living room after Christmas. After all, I can only read so many books!

Russ saw a new doctor today. He will be having a swallow test at the xray lab after Christmas. I'm sure it involves that nasty stuff you have to drink.
This is all about his muscle disease. Some times he has a problem swallowing.
Well, i am going to go find my flannel pjs and get another cup of tea. Night all.

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mrsb said...

It was 65 here yesterday. Of course it was raining again, though. Rain for the rest of the week. Blech.