Monday, December 15, 2008

At Last!!!

Today is the last day of our journey! Mike has all the trim in the kitchen to paint and then I can start cleaning! Every room in the house!!!! Wow! What a month of repairs can do to a house!

Do you all have a problem buying your husband Christmas presents? Mine has all the gadgets he can ever use, all the electronics, and I am at a lose. All I 've gottenhim is a $3.98 patch for a hat he wanted. To make it worse, he got me my kitchen aid yesterday. I even got to wrap it! LOL He did put on the bow and a card!!!!!

Other than Russ I have one more gift card to get and I am done! The neighbors all got a card this year. I usually make about 12 different kinds of cookies and give to the neighbors, where Russ worked, Mikes work and to Trice. If we have any cookies this year they will be Pillsbury slice and bake!
I am hoping Anna makes peanut butter fudge for me. I think she comes home from college this week.

My brother in law didn't get to make the parade Saturday. He is in the hospital. Everyone please say a prayer for him and his family. It is never easy to have a loved one so ill but at Christmas time it must be so hard. Merle, Cathy, Mandy and the boys, we love you.

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