Saturday, December 6, 2008


What a way to spend the evening! This afternoon Mike and Russ started putting in the new door. Mike didn't feel good but he started it. Well, half way through he says he either had a kidney stone or a kidney infection. ( He only has one kidney that works!!!!) He thought it was a stone and it would pass. Well, in a while we decided to go to the emergency room! It is a good thing we did. He has a severe kidney infection, the white count was so high they couldn't count it. He got a shot in the butt , 3 or four persciptions and was told he came within seconds of having to stay at the hospital. He will stay here tonight as if anything gets worse he has to go to the hospital immediately. The pain he is in is the worst I've seen. Don't know how we will know if it gets worse!

Russ got the door in while we were gone. He had Trice and Bo for help!!!!
(:( Bo does not like the doggie door! Guess he'll learn to use it if he has to pee bad enough!

Russ is off looking for some place open to get Mike's meds. I am going to put on my jammies and read a book! have a good week end.

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mrsb said...

Tell Mike if he wants my extra kidney, he really needs to wait until after the holidays.