Monday, December 8, 2008

More Excitement!!!!!

Mike got here at 7 am to work so he'd get a lot done before this doctor appointment. He went to that and came back and has worked all day. We ate dinner and he took off for home and a hot shower. A couple minutes after he left he called and said some crazy woman had turned left right into him. His bumper is so in his tire that he'll have to call a wrecker. This happen on the corner of our street and WS Young, a block and a half from our house! Russ went down to see what happened and to take Mike home. He is so POed. When it rains it pours!!!!


12-arrows said...

so you are friends with Mr. Murphy too? He isn't the best of friend either, and I wonder, sometimes, just why he chose me?????

TexasGrandma said...

I sure didn't invite Mr. Murphy to visit! I think it is time he went somewhere else! Maybe he can visit Washington DC for awhile! LOL

mrsb said...

Geez. I assume he got her info and stuff? Thank goodness for insurance!