Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! We opened gifts last night and everyone had a blast! My children were very giving and I got every thing on my list! Well, except the peanut butter fudge! She walked in with a pan of chocolate with a little peanut butter in it. They ran out of peanut butter chips!!! Sounds like a bogus excuse to me!!!

The two dogs are still trying to get used to each other. The poor new one still has no name. Russ calls him Killer still and he can be quite the fighter when Bo gets too rough.
On this Christmas day would everyone say a prayer for our brother in law Merle. He is very, very ill fighting cancer. Also say one for his wife Cathy, daughter and two grandsons. They got called to the hospital Tuesday night in an ice storm and have been there pretty much since. They are very tired and I know how hard it is on family . This is such a great family and Cathy is a dear sister to both of us. Merle has always been the families rock and it is so hard to think of him so ill. WE wish we could be there to help them.

Hope Santa was good to you all and I want pictures!!!! Love to all

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