Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sad times

This last week two family members have lost a loved one. My brother in law lost his sister , Olive. I remember her from when I was young, she was a very kind and interesting woman. Cindy, my neice lost a sister inlaw. She was only 46 and had 5 children. So sad when they are so young.

I spent yesterday baking and have more to do today. I made zucchini cupcakes, oh my, they have a brown sugar icing like fudge! I made pumpkin cupcakes with the pumkin I made fresh awhile back. Then I made pumpkin bread and to die for eggnog bread! Today it is gingerbread cupcakes with mango ginger icing and pecan turtle cookies and snicker ( milky way) cookies. That is it until next week when I'll make a yogurt marmalade cake. I'll be fixing trays for the neighbors on each side of us later today. I just couldn't do nothing. I have to fix a tray for the grandkids too. Anna ia is home so I better get some peanut butter fudge out of this.

I gave Russ part of his Christmas. I got him a shower curtain and towels for his new color scheme in his bathroom. He isn't getting much under the tree. But the kids all got him plenty to open. He even got a present yesterday from the 16 year old in NJ. Russ and that boy have the closest relationship I have ever seen between a grandfather and grandson. Chrystian calls Russ every night without fail, even if he's sick. They have some deep conversation.

I just hope Mike isn't having trouble driving home from work this morning. It is so foggy out. As Mom always said, you could cut it with a knife. It will burn off soon. We are to have 70s out today with almost 80 tomorrow. Then Sunday back to the 20s in the night. We will all be so sick before this is over.

I think it is time for a cup of tea and to read the boring newspaper. You all have a great day!


mrsb said...

Hopefully you'll get the other two boxes today! They can get opened, as everything in there is wrapped.

It's 30 here today. Hopefully it won't freaking rain again. I swear, my floors are a mess, but with it having been raining for, oh, about the last 7 years, it isn't worth even trying to mop. Uck.

12-arrows said...

I love you!!