Friday, December 19, 2008

An Award

I got a blog Friends award on my daughters blog. She said not only was I her Mom but her friend. I think that is great! I love that we have reached the point in our lives that we can be friends. When my kids were teens I heard so and so were "friends" with there kids. I did not want to be friends with mine,I wanted to be a Mom. I wanted to be able to yell" clean your room"", "because I said so", and "no". Kris I love you.

I will pass this on to someone I have gotten to be friends with. My neice Cindy. Because of a divorce in her family and us being a military family we never got to know each other until Blog world came about. It has been great to meet her and her wonderful family. What a joy they all must be to my "sister" Bertie. My biggest regret is that my brother was a not so nice Dad and never got to know her as an adult and never was a grandfather to his grandchildren. He missed so much and must have died with so many regrets!
Anyway, I pass this on to you Cindy with much love! Well, crap! Somewhere I lost the picture! Just know I did send it to you!!! LOL


Christine said...

My mom always said the same thing, she wasn't supposed to be a friend until we were grown up. Because she wanted to raise us kids up to be someone she WANTED to be friends with. She's a great mom and we've been close friends my entire adult life. It sounds like you're a great mom too!

12-arrows said...

WOW~ through tears I am sitting here trying to respond and alls I can say is WOW! Thank you, too. Its been such a wonderful blessing getting to know you too! I am thankful we have cyberspace to correspond, to share, and to hurt, to cry and to love. Blessings to you dear sweet Aunt!