Thursday, December 4, 2008

Say a little prayer for me!

I was up on the ladder awhile ago priming the utility cabinets and happened to think, the last time I helped in home improvements I landed in the hospital getting a pacemaker!!!!!! Think I need prayers to get through this!

There is so much to prime! The wall opposite of the washer and dryer is all cabinets, there are lots of doors. The furnace closet. the hot water closet. the pantry, and the outside door. At least the back door is stained and all I need to do is the frame. We have picked out the new storm door for the back. It has a doggie door built in! I told Russ I could just see myself going out and in it trying to teach Bo how to do it!! LOL

I scared Russ this morning. He was in the shower and I was up on a ladder taking hinges off cabinet doors. I dropped one (not the hinge, the DOOR) and he just knew I fell off the ladder. ( I am NOT graceful) I just knocked a little chip off it! Wink Wink!

I best get at it. Russ is at the dentist gettting his teeth cleaned and Mike is home asleep. He worked all night. It is just little ole me to work this morning!!!


mrsb said...

Sure sounds like a lot of work! I bet it'll look great once it's all done!

12-arrows said...

you amaze me with all your hard work. I hope you get through this quickly and that you like the finished product!