Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Money, money, money!

Wow! Have we had to spend money the last couple days! Mike is doing a great job and has the utility room just about ready to paint. After four cans of tester paint I have now picked the colors for the walls and the trim and cabibinets in there. It wii be the same in the kichen and ding area as it is all connected. The walls are going to be Moondance, it is a very light shade of grayish white. The trim is muted ebony. We are using red for the other color we'll be using. My pantry cabinet is merlot and now I have the excuse to get the mixer and toaster to go with my red canopener. I got the cabinet for over the washer and dyer today. I looked at a couple kitchen cabinets and then remember they had others on amother aisle. I'm glad I did, I saved half! I'm really saving money on purchases. Lowes is giving 20% off for all retired military until 31 Dec. Plus they have a $10 off on sales slips for your next purchase over $50. That is a big savings! They delivered the frig for the garage today. I am so glad. We had been using a big ice chest.

A funny thing happened today. Trice called Mike and said a woman called her and said a man had just went in Mike's house. (Trice was at work) Mike went running out of here really speeding to get home! A few minutes later Mike called. He said he pulled up and could see in the window there was a man by his computer! He went slamming in and just about hit the guy. Come to find out it was Trice's son Anthony! He went in to use the computer. Mike sure was glad it wasn't someone else!!!!


mrsb said...

Good thing Mike didn't hit Anthony. He'd be dead!

12-arrows said...

LOL so glad you have saved so much $$$. Isn't it awesome? I bet you will be glad when its all over and you can sit back and enjoy all your new digs!