Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't ever!!!!!

Don't ever make soup with a smoked turkey carcass! I cooked broth all day yesterday with 2 smoked turkey carcasses. This AM I made a big pot of turkey rice soup. Russ took a taste and made a horrible face, Mike tasted it and said it tastes funny. The soup is sitting cooling so I can strain it and put it in the garbage. Another recipe bites the dust!!!

It is still wet and cold here. Tonight we get freezing rain. I know you are all laughing after the weather you've been having, but you don't understand. The IDIOTS here don't know how to drive in bad weather. We will be hearing sirens all night. We never get on the road if it's a little bad out. They are all crazy!!!!

Russ and I removed the cupboards and beam ourselves yesterday. Mike was just running too late. His love life is coming between him and the garage!!!! LOL Other than the cupboards being real heavy and the beam about landing on Russ' head, we did fine!!! The insulation is up on that wall and we have the next wall ready for Mike to do some electrical work tomorrow. Then we will have one more long wall to get ready. I'll
be so glad when it gets done! The big hold up is drywall. It is just too wet.
I sure have learned to do a lot of new things.

Here it is the end of January already. I hate to see it end. I am not looking forward to Feb. My first born will be 48! My gosh, if she is middle aged, what does that make me???? My mind still says 20's!!! Sure wish my body did.


12-arrows said...

you two amaze me at all you accomplish. . . .even more so that you work together without words or hurting each other!!! LOL I would love pictures of your completed work because I am a visual person and because I just want them! Ha Ha!

mrsb said...

We got 5 inches of snow last night, and the kids are home from school. Wouldn't be so bad, except the 2 younger are sick and stayed home yesterday, too! Now Maddy is mad that she can't go play outside. Of course it's raining now and it's all supposed to freeze into a huge mess of ice. Blegh.

When you are done with your house, you should come over and do mine, lol!