Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing much going on!

We spent the week end working in the garage so it was pretty boring. You haven't lived until you've cleaned a dozen power tools and those little black boxes they live in! LOL We have the end done where the work bench is. The tools are hanging on peg board, the sheves are full and Russ has his antique tools and old iron pieces hung. We have 3/4 of a long wall done. We put up shelves and have all the suitcases and tackle boxes& etc put up. One shelf has all those little black tool boxes. Today Mike will remove the beam that goes across to hold a garage door. Then we can get started on insulation while he is at work. We were going to do sheet rock too but it is foggy and wet out. Not a good day to haul and cut it outside.

Russ' next youngest brother ( he has 5) called Saturday to just chat. It was a nice surprise and they had quite a talk! I better not here any more comments when I talk to my sister, sis in law or daughter!

Speaking of my sister, let me tell you about her. She is 82 and still drives around Tucson. She always makes me laugh when I talk to her, she has a great sense of humor. She also has an almost twin like connection to me. If I'm sick or just down she always calls. She start out with "what is the matter, I've had you on my mind all day and I know something isn't right".
How great is that???? She was a twin so guess the twin thing just got passed on to me. Sure makes ya feel loved!

I feel in love yesterday! I made cookie dough in my new Kitchen aid mixer. That was the easiest cookie dough I ever made. I used the chocolate chip recipe in the book that came with the mixer. I didn't have enough chocolate chips so I put in some pecans. That looked skimpy so I threw in some raisins. Wow! Were they some good cookies! Russ thought they were great! Next time he wants me to forget the chips, raisins and nuts and use M & Ms. That is his new favorite cookie, Keebler M & M cookies. Guess I'll do it! LOL

Sounds like I am needed in the garage. I better get busy! Have a great day!


mrsb said...

Must have been a baking week!

I was going to cook my turkey that's been "thawing" in the fridge down in the garage for 4 days. Apparently it's a bit cold down there, because my turkey is still frozen solid!!

I guess I'll have to move it to the upstairs fridge now. Poop!

Anonymous said...

your blog was the topic of discussion last night at Pizza Hut. I told them how great it is. You will have some new viewers now, Suzanne and Mandy.

TexasGrandma said...

Thanks! Do I need to send Suzanne a link? i sent one to Mandy and Cathy. Sure is a nice way to keep in touch!